Composition Contest Results for 2014

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition

Michael-Thomas Foumai, Lady Dark

Music Now Chamber Music Competition

David Asher Brown, We Are Star Stuff, Harvesting Star Light
Christopher Hallum, A Day In Monroe County for Viola and Piano
Girard Kratz, The Bliss of Solitude
Jules Pegram, Night Spirits
Tim Reed, Nocturne for Sopranino Saxophone and Electronics
James Romig, Out Of Frame for Marimba Trio
Carl Schimmel, An Illustrated Ontogeny of the Flower Snark
Piotr Szewczyk, Very Angry Birds for Violin and Piano

We received over 200 entries for our National contests this year, making it a difficult task to select winners.  We would like to thank everyone who submitted compositions and wish everyone the best in their composition careers.

Student Recital Competition

Cowboy Songs - Libby Larsen (b. 1950)
- Bucking Bronco
- Lift Me Into Heaven Slowly
Caitlin Barnaby, soprano
Nathanael Canfield, piano

Three Ghost Rags - William Bolcom (b. 1938)
- Graceful Ghost Rag
Nathan Canfield, piano

… like a burden too heavy - Brian Blume (b. 1985)
Nick Olson, marimba

Incantation for Solo Violin - Augusta Read Thomas (b. 1964)
Zach Weaver, violin
Escape (2007) - Kevin McKee (b. 1980)
Evan Wendholt, trumpet; Gregory Jacks, trumpet
Yurie Uto, horn; Taylor Hanson, trombone
Dakota Maze, tuba