IPE Interprofessional Education and Practice

IPE saves lives: IPE is the Healthcare and Human Services of Today and the Future.

ISU is a leader in interprofessional education providing integrated multidisciplinary curriculum and activities to create strong practitioners.

WE WHO PROMOTE HEALTH & WELLNESS CAN NO LONGER ACT ALONE. Interprofessional practice leads to:

*    Decreased rates of clinical error
*    Increased Patient Satisfaction
*    Increased Retention of Professionals
*    Culture of teamwork and professional respect


"Interprofessional education involves educators and learners from 2 or more health professions and their foundational disciplines who jointly create and foster a collaborative learning environment and future professional practice." (WHO) Interprofessional education assists future professionals in providing collaborative efficient and efficacious services. IPE/IPP in health care decreases errors, increases patient satisfaction and improves patient/client outcomes.