Dr. Ivan and Opal Gilbert Scholarship


Major / Minor Requirements

B.S. in Nursing or M.S. in Nursing

Class Requirements


Minimum GPA Requirement


Financial Need Requirement


Other Criteria



Molly Pridemore is a senior Nursing student. She is very excited to be graduating this Fall. She has been a student at ISU since 2006 and half way through her college career she realized her heart belonged in Nursing and switched majors. She plans on working in the OB/GYN field as a RN locally. She hopes to further her education by completing her masters while working as a RN. Outside of her school work Molly dedicates her time to her husband and two year old daughter. Molly would like to express her deepest gratitude to the donors and sponsors for allowing her to be the recipient of the Dr. Ivan and Opal Gilbert Scholarship.