Roseanne Fairchild PHD RN, CNE, NE-BC

Roseanne Fairchild

Department of Advanced Practice Nursing
Director - Nursing Education Concentration
Associate Professor, Graduate Faculty 
Office: LB 217E
Phone: 812.237.4660
Email: Roseanne.Fairchild@indstate.edu

Dr. Fairchild graduated from Butler University with a BA in 1981 in Environmental Studies and French. She subsequently completed an Associate degree in Nursing from the University of Southern Indiana in 1997, and a Master’s degree in Nursing in 2002, including a major in Nursing Administration with a Nurse Educator focus, followed by a Nurse Educator certification (CNE; NLN), and Board Certification as a Nurse Executive (NE-BC; ANCC). She earned her PhD degree in Nursing Science/Health Systems from Indiana University in 2006, with major foci in health systems research and nursing administration, and a minor focus in nursing leadership.

Dr. Fairchild has 18 years experience in the classroom and online learning environments in nursing (didactic and clinical courses) at the graduate, baccalaureate, and associate degree levels, and in pharmacology and anatomy and physiology at the baccalaureate level (Indiana State University, Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College). Her clinical expertise and experience are in ED/critical care nursing, traumatic brain injury/cognitive rehabilitation, cardiovascular/pulmonary nursing, type 2 diabetes, and hospice/palliative care.

Dr. Fairchild is also an experienced health services researcher and her research interests include nurses’ behavioral work performance factors (cognitive and motivational factors), patient safety and hospital safety culture, cognitive “walk-throughs” and discovering the “sharp end” of healthcare provider error, and the creation of healthy healthcare provider work environments in the hospital setting. She has also been involved in clinical research of pharmaceutical compounds used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes for Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Fairchild is a member of the Indiana State Nurses’ Association, the National League for Nursing, and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, Alpha Chapter. She has received statewide recognition and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from Ivy Tech Community College (2003), and was awarded predoctoral research incentive fellowships from Indiana University in 2004, 2005, and 2006. At Eli Lilly and Company, she received peer recognition for excellence in teamwork, coaching, creative solutions, influencing without authority, and for her efforts in clinical development for global clinical trials.

Dr. Fairchild is also currently involved in theory development and qualitative research in nursing, including ongoing testing of a meta-theoretical model of nurses’ work motivation (the “motivation to care”), as well as a theory of human caring in the context of complexity.

Below is a sampling of selected publications and presentations:


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