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The MyISU Badge is Changing on January 21, 2014!

The old badge looks like this:

MyISU Badge Image

The new badges look like this (depending on your role):

Student Badge Image  Faculty Badge image  Employee Badge Image

Both badges will still appear for some time, but eventually the old one will go away.

The new Student Self-Service, Faculty Self-Service and Employee Self-Service badges will be available with one-click access from the cloud by clicking on the appropriate badge in “MyISU Apps”.  The Self Service badges offer the same features as “MyISU” in one convenient location.

All of the information available by clicking on the old MyISU badge is available under the new badge, but it is arranged differently. A new window will no longer open a separate web page. The information will be displayed within the MyISU Portal interface. This video will show you how to access the different information.

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Who is impacted?
All users of the MyISU badge.

Why is this change being made? 
The changes are being made for ease of use and fewer clicks to get to important information.  Just click & go.

How will this change impact me? 
You will still be able to use the MyISU badge but you can use the appropriate Self-Service badge to get to the same information quicker and easier.

What about the MyISU badge?

The MyISU badge (portal) will eventually be removed from the cloud.

You will be able to access everything through Student, Faculty and Employee Self-Service badges.

What do I do if I experience problems?

Users should contact the OIT Help Desk at 2910 and a ticket will be created for your issue.

General MyISU Portal Information

What is the MyISU portal?

It is the central website for the entire ISU community to tap into online academic resources, administrative services, community information, the Internet at large and personal web-based e-mail accounts. It does not replace the ISU website, or Banner.

MyISU Cloud

How do I access it?

Go to or click the MyISU link on the ISU homepage.

What features are common to ALL users (students, faculty and staff) under this one login?

  • View and change your official university biographical information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone numbers, emergency contacts and marital status). What can be seen and what can be updated will vary by type of person.
  • University course schedule
  • Password changing

What additional features are available just for students under this one login?

  • Registration and add/drop capability
  • Viewing of grades, schedule, holds, academic transcript and account information
  • Viewing of financial aid status, awards, and eligibility information
  • Online payment of your university bill (tuition, room/board, and fines) with Visa or MasterCard.
  • Links to Blackboard delivered courses
  • DARS reports (Degree Auditing and Reporting System)

What additional features are available for just  faculty under this one login?

  • Automated e-mail lists to make sending a message to all registered students a one-step process for each section.
  • Your teaching schedule, class lists, and grade rosters
  • Viewing of student information for advising (program of study, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address, class schedules, and academic transcripts)
  • DARS reports
  • Entering of student-specific registration overrides

What additional features are available for employees, including faculty, under this one login?

  • Sending and reading e-mail.
  • The Banner Web for Employee program enables employees to view pay stubs, tax forms, vacation accrual, etc. through the portal.

What if I am a faculty member or employee and also an ISU student?

The special features for both will be available with your one login. You will see both the courses you are taking and those you are teaching on the same My Courses tab.

Are there other areas of MyISU that only certain groups, say ISU students, see?

Yes. There is special information just for students on the Student Self Service badge.

Is the MyISU portal available at all times?

MyISU has no scheduled "down time" but may be unavailable on Fridays from 8:00pm to 12:00 midnight for maintenance. Student, Faculty and Employee Self-Services badges also require maintenance which makes the features tied to the Banner database unavailable Friday evenings from 7:00pm to 12:00 midnight, and on Sunday evenings from 9:00pm to 12:00 midnight.

Access, Passwords, etc.

How do I get a login and password?

  • A login has been created for every person working for or taking classes at ISU. If you do not know yours, go to and click the link "Activate Your Sycamore Login". You will need to enter your ISU Student ID number (often starts with 991...), the last four digits of your social security number or your personal email address that you used on your Admissions application if you are an international student, and your birth date. Your Sycamore Login is typically the first letter of your first name and then your last name up to twelve more characters. There may also be a number at the end to make it unique.

Your password contains a minimum of 8 characters up to 29, it must contain at least one numeric character, it must contain at least one uppercase character, it must contain at least one lowercase character and cannot contain: space # ~ ^ * ? , : ; | " < >. If you do not know or have forgotten your password, see "What do I do if I forget my Password?” below.

What do I do if I forget my password?

  • If you have previously set your Security Questions, click the “Reset Password?” link on the MyISU login screen. Provide your Sycamore Login User ID and click the "Next" button. Then answer your security questions and click the “Next” button. You will be prompted to set a new password and confirm the new password. Click on the “Change Password” button then login into MyISU with your new password.
  • If you have not yet set your questions or forget your sycamore password and the answer to your questions, you must call the Registrar's office at 812-237-2020. A Registrar's staff member will ask the caller a series of questions to identify the caller. When the caller is identified that student's sycamore account will be reset so that you can begin the “Activate Your Sycamore Login” process and set a new password and security questions.

What do I do if my account has been disabled?

To protect unauthorized people from accessing your account, the system disables entry into your account after 5 (five) unsuccessful login attempts in a row. An account will be re-enabled automatically with time or you may call the OIT Help Desk at 812-237-2910 (toll free 888-818-5465) to have your account re-enabled.

How do I change my Password?

If you have previously set your Security Questions, click the “Reset Password?” link on the MyISU login screen. Provide your Sycamore Login User ID and click the "Next" button. Then answer your security questions and click the “Next” button. You will be prompted to set a new password and confirm the new password. Click on the “Change Password” button then login into MyISU with your new password.

If I change my MyISU Password how long does it take for my passwords on other services to match?

In most cases the synchronization of passwords across these systems will take less than 20 minutes. However during "busy times", like the beginning of the semester or during registration periods, it may take significantly longer.

How do I change my Sycamore Login?

Your Sycamore Login matches your name on record at the university. If your name has changed you must first have it changed in the Registrar's office for students or Human Resources for faculty and staff. Contact the OIT Help Desk at 812-237-2910 (toll free 888-818-5465) or via e-mail at to have your Sycamore Login changed.


Is the portal secured to transfer sensitive personal information?

Yes, the components of the portal's Self Services that let you interact with the university's information database are encrypted for your protection. This may not be apparent from your browser's security icons since the portal uses frames. To verify that the Self Services areas are secure using Internet Explorer, right click and then choose Properties. The Connections line will have "SSL" for Secure Socket Layer and the encryption method used. Only areas of the portal that need to be secured are encrypted to allow for faster page rendering.

Is there a timeout period for MyISU?

Yes. After 15 minutes of inactivity, you will be asked if you want to continue your session. If you don't answer this question, you will automatically be logged off the system to protect your account. Always log off MyISU as soon as you are finished or when you need to leave the computer, especially public work stations.

Other Technical Issues

What other ISU services use this same login and password?

Your MyISU Sycamore Login and password is your key to accessing all of the following services:

  • MyISU Portal
  • Blackboard for ISU
  • Faculty/Staff/Student Email Access

Note: When you change your password or request your MyISU password be reset there may be up to a two-hour delay in synchronizing your new password with the ISU services mentioned above.

If the MyISU portal goes down for technical problems, are some features still available?

Yes. Web delivered courses are housed on separate servers and may still be available.

Contact Information

Whom do I contact about the MyISU portal?

If you have a technical issue with your portal account please contact the OIT Help Desk at 812-237-2910 (toll free 888-818-5465) or e-mail

If you have a policy issue that you would like to share with Office of Information Technology administration please contact

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