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Curriculum Committee

The responsibility of the Curriculum Committee is to identify and select the programming (presentations, classes, special events) for each session of our year. The first planning meeting for each session is to "brainstorm" program ideas. Committee members then decide on the curriculum to be offered for the upcoming session. Committee members contact potential presenters about speaking, then secure available dates and program descriptions from the presenters. This information is given to the Program Administrator for promotional materials.

Membership on the Curriculum Committee is open to all OLLI at Indiana State members. To serve on the Committee you do not need to be knowledgeable about potential presenters or have a wealth of curriculum ideas. The Curriculum Committee also secures program coordinators for all presentations, classes, and special events. The program coordinator may be the person who presented the program idea, a member of the Curriculum Committee, or any other OLLI member.

Program coordinators are responsible for contacting the presenter(s) to confirm the event, date, and location, to ascertain what audio-visuals, handouts, or other supplies are needed, then to communicate these needs to the Program Administrator. The program coordinator also obtains from the Program Administrator the needed supplies and takes them to the event. At the event the program coordinator circulates and collects the sign-in sheet and introduces the topic and presenter(s) at the start of the program.

Curriculum Committee take forms and members off and last line change to Notices will be sent out prior to meetings.