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Committees and Staff

OLLI Steering Committee

The Steering Committee creates policies for OLLI at Indiana State and oversees the work of the sub-committees as well as that of the Program Administrator and the staff. Only one meeting per year, to elect officers, is mandated in the Institute's by-laws. Generally speaking, however, the Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month. In addition, the twelve members of the Committee take leadership roles in publicizing the Institute, soliciting members, and planning programs. Members of the Committee are elected each Spring by the general membership and serve for three years. If you wish to be considered, please contact Michelle Bennett who will give your name to the Nominating Committee.

All members of OLLI at Indiana State are ex-officio members of the Steering Committee and are invited to attend Committee meetings with voice but without vote.

Year listed is when they go off committee.

Committee Members

Bill Foraker (2014)
Linda Chiado (2014)
Nancy Hansell (2015)
Patrick Harkins (2015)
Mark Howell (2015)
Jennie LaRoche (2014)
Don Layton (2015)
Michael Mueller (2015)
Tom Reck (2016)
Christine Schellenberg (2016)
Joe Tenerelli (2016)
Lin Tornese (2016)