Narrative Development

Before you start writing your proposal read the guidelines thoroughly.  Every agency has their own set of guidelines. They can range from very general to very specific, right down to what size/type of font and margins may be used. 

Contact Liz Metzger (  or #3228) in OSP early in your narrative development process. She will help you with guideline compliance, narrative development and with the final proposal submission.

Below is a list of internet and print materials that may assist you in your proposal development. Also checkout the resource center at the office of OSP. We have current periodicals and other resource materials that may help.



Foundation Center

Proposal Writing the Short Course

 Grant Resource Center


Agency Specific

Dept. of Education – Grantmaking at ED

Environmental Protection Agency - Tips on Writing a Grant Proposal

NIH – Office of Extramural Research, Grants Policy and Guidance

NSF Funding – How to Prepare Your Proposal




Materials Available in the Resource Center at OSP

Proposal Planning and Writing.  Lynn E. Miner, Jeremy T. Miner, Jerry Griffith. Oryx. Third Edition. 2003 (copies available to be checked out) 

How to Write Proposals That Produce.  Joel P. Bowman, Bernadine P. Branchaw.  Oryx. 1992

Finding Funding:  The Comprehensive Guide to Grant Writing.  Daniel M. Barber.  Bond Street Publishers.  1994

Winning Strategies for Developing Grant Proposals. Dr. Beverly Browning. 2nd Edition. 2006.Thompson Publishing Group

 Books Available At The Cunningham Library

Grant Proposals That Succeeded. Virginia White, Plenum Press. 1983.

Grant Writing: Strategies for Developing Winning Proposals. Patrick W. Miller, P.W Miller. 2002

 Grantwriting, Fundraising, and Partnerships: Strategies That Work! Karen B. Ruskin, Charles M. Achilles. Corwin Press. 1995

 Grant Writing For Dummies. Beverly A. Browning. IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. 2001

Grant Writing for Health Professionals. Harry A. Sultz, Frances S. Sherwin. Little, Brown. 1981

Grant Proposal Writing: a Handbook for School Library Media Specialists. Blanche Woolls. Greenwood Press. 1986

 Proposal Writing. Soraya M. Coley, Cynthia A. Scheinberg. Sage Publications. 2000

Proposal Writing. Soraya M. Coley, Cynthia A. Scheinberg. Sage Publications. 1990