Institutional Compliance Requirements


Most Federal grant applications require the official signing on behalf of the institution to certify that the factual statements made in the application are true and correct, and that the applicant make certifications including items such as Federal debt status, debarment and suspension, drugfree workplace, and lobbying activities. Willful submission of false information in the application and its supporting documents or in reports required under an ensuing award is a criminal offense. Civil penalties include significant economic penalties in the event this certification is signed and then intentional falsehoods are found to have been stated anywhere in the grant proposal. The same penalties apply to the willful inclusion of false information in reports submitted in connection with the award.

In order to assure that compliance requirements are being observed, the Office of Sponsored Programs coordinates a review of campus compliance with the certifications at least once every two years and informs the Chief Research Officer that the assurances and certifications may continue to be signed.

The following PDF document outlines the details of each compliance requirement and provides references and guidance:

Click here for a .PDF Icons copy of the Institutional Compliance Requirements.