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The Payroll Office

is a department within the Division of Business Affairs and Finance.  Our mission is to provide timely and accurate compensation payments to University employees and ensure that necessary data, records, and reports are maintained and submitted in compliance with acceptable business and regulatory standards and in accordance with University policies.  Payroll staff will promote excellence in customer service by meeting the needs of ISU students, faculty, and staff in a pleasant, professional and efficient manner.

University Payrolls

Indiana State University has established four types of payrolls in which to pay employees. These four payroll types have varying pay cycles and are paid at predetermined intervals throughout the year. The employee classification and position assignment determines which pay type an employee will be paid on.

Exempt Payroll

Faculty, Executive/Administrative/Professional Staff, and a select group of salaried student employees are paid on the Exempt Payroll.
For more detail, click on the Exempt Payroll Summary Sheet.

Non-Exempt Payroll

Hourly non-student employees of Indiana State University are paid biweekly on the Non-Exempt Payroll.
For more detail, click on the Non-Exempt Payroll Summary Sheet.

Student Payroll

Hourly student employees and graduate assistants of Indiana State University are paid biweekly on the Student Payroll.
For more detail, click on the Student Payroll Summary Sheet.

Supplemental / Summer Payroll

Employees whose assignment is set up on the One-Time Only Pay Authorization Form or the Summer Instructional Pay Authorization Form are paid on the Supplemental / Summer Payroll.

Payroll Customer Service Survey

We want to know how we can best serve our employees. Please take the time to fill out our Customer Service Survey.