NCAA Certification

Sub-Committee on Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance

Diann McKee, Chair

John Conant, Chairperson, Professor of Economics (Member, University Athletic Committee)

Carmen Tillery, Dean of Students

SAMy Anderson, Professor, Art, Graphic Design

Kelly Hall, Administrative Assistant, Public Safety (Chair, Support Staff Council)

Sharon Gick, Interim Registrar

Joel McMullen, Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance

Sub-Committee on Academic Integrity

Blanche Evans, Chair

Marsha Miller, Reference/Instruction Librarian (Faculty Senate Executive Committee)

Betsy Frank, Professor, Nursing

Jeff McNabb, Associate Dean, Technology

Tony Brewer, Coordinator, Athletics Studies Program

Julia Costello, Student-Athlete

Sub-Committee on Equity and Student-Athlete Well-Being

Jeff Edwards, Chair

Ken Chew, Interim Director, Student Counseling Center

Denise Collins, Assistant Professor, Education; Coordinator, Student Affairs Higher Education Program

Angie Martin, Assistant Coach, Track and Field

John Lentz, Director, Recreational Sports

LaNeeca Williams, Interim Director, Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action

Laura Rudolphi, Student-Athlete

Michelle Fowler-Sands, Coordinator, SASC Mentoring