What can I expect from academic advising?

Meetings with your academic advisor should provide you guidance in making your educational decisions. Advisors can do much more than assist you in selecting courses! Advisors can help you set and meet your educational and professional goals.

Who is my advisor?

Your academic advisor is listed at the top of your DARS. You can run your DARS by visiting the MyISU web site. You may also call the Department to find out which faculty member is your advisor.

What should I bring to my advising appointment?

When you meet with your academic advisor, please bring a copy of your DARS with you. If you are meeting with your academic advisor to discuss registering for courses, please bring a list of courses that interest you.

When does priority registration occur?

Priority registration is open to current students of ISU. Priority registration for a semester occurs (e.g., Fall 2007) during the preceding semester (e.g., Spring 2008). The priority registration schedule is available here.

The Office of Registration and Records maintains a web site that answers many commonly asked questions by ISU undergraduate students.

Who needs to see their academic advisor?

All students should regularly meet with their academic advisors! Advisors are here to help with more than selecting courses! We are here to assist you in developing and meeting your academic and career goals. Although many students equate PIN distribution with advising appointments, we hope that you utilize your advisor's expertise and experience for more than that!

What is my PIN?

PINs are required for students to register for classes (as well as drop and add classes during the semester). Although all students were required to obtain PINs from their advisors in the past, ISU recently changed its policy. Now, students in good standing at the junior or senior level do not need PINs in order to register for classes. Although juniors and seniors do not need PINs, advisors in our Department still strongly encourage these students to meet with us! It is in these last two years of your time at ISU that you begin to think about career goals and/or graduate school--issues that are perfect to discuss with your advisor.

Responsibilities of the Advisor

Our Department advisors take their responsibilities to students seriously. We strive to meet all the responsibilities of academic advisors set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences:

Responsibilities of the Student

Academic advisors in our Department also expect students to fulfill the following responsibilities outlined by the College of Arts and Sciences:

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