Academic Excellence Awards and recognition ceremony

Each year the Department recognizes undergraduate students for their academic achievement. Faculty members in our Department nominate and vote for students at the sophomore, junior, and senior levels for these awards.  This year we were pleased to also honor the officers from Psi Chi and Psych Society.

Congratulations to the 2014- 2015 academic Excellence award winners recognized by the Faculty on April 23, 2015

Academic Excellence 2014 - 2015

                                          Outstanding Senior in Psychology: Aubrie Musselman (not pictured)                                                                                           Senior Award Winners:  Darianne Cherry and Jordan Daley
                                          Junior Award Winners: Charlene Johnson and Rema Sulieman
                                          Sophomore Award Winners:  Kelsie Bates and Alisa Loveall


Alisa Loveall                                             Kelsie Bates                                                                         

   Sophomore Award Winners:  Alissa Loveall & Dr. Virgil Sheets, Kelsie Bates & Dr. Virgil Sheets


Charlene Johnson                                               Rema Sulieman                                               

  Junior Award Winners:  Charlene Johnson & Dr. Virgil Sheets, Rema Sulieman & Dr. Virgil Sheets


Darianne Cherry                                                        Jordan Daley                                                     

Senior Award Winners:  Rema Sulieman & Dr. Virgil Sheets, Jordan Daley & Dr. Virgil Sheets

2014 - 2015 Psi chi officers and Psych Society Officers

Psi Chi Officers                              Psych Society Officers

                                         Psi Chi Officers:  Stephanie Larimer, Ashley Furtek, Melissa Rocha and Dr. Virgil Sheets                                          Psych Society Officers:  Hayley Halle, Darianne Cherry and Dr. Virgil Sheets                                                                    










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