Degree: Experimental Psychology, McMaster University

Research Interests/Specialties: Psychology of Women; Gender; Human Sexuality

Joined ISU: August, 1987

Dr. Anderson received her Ph.D. in 1985 from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  She teaches the Psychology of Women, Human Sexuality, and Research Methods, and courses in gender and sexuality.  Her research interests include gender and sexuality, attitudes toward feminist/feminism and attitudes toward gender and sexual minorities.  She has an affiliate appointment in the Women's Studies Program and is the Director of the Master's Program in Psychology.

Selected Publications and Presentations:


Anderson, V.N. (2009).  What's in a label?  Judgments of feminist men and feminist women.  Psychology of Women Quarterly, 33, 206-215.

Reed Hughes, K.Y., & Anderson, V.N., (2010).  What turns women on?:  Black and White women's sexual arousal.  In N.B. Moore, J.K. Davidson, Sr., & T.D. Fisher (Eds.), Speaking of Sexuality:  Interdisciplinary Readings (3rd ed., pp. 180-190).  New York:  Oxford University Press.

Gerhardstein, K.R., & Anderson, V.N. (2010).  There's more than meets the eye:  Facial appearance and evaluations of transsexual people.  Sex Roles, 62, 361-373.

Glotfelter, M.A., & Anderson, V.N. (2011).  Gender self-esteem and sexual prejudice.  Poster presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Jackson, C., & Anderson, V.N. (2011, October).  Effects of gender self-esteem on attitudes towards feminism and activism in college women and men.  Poster presented at the Diversity Research Symposium, Ball State University, Muncie, IN.

Fischer, J., & Anderson, V.N. (2012).  Gender role attitudes and characteristics of stay-at-home and employed fathers.  Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 13, 16-31.

Mahoy, C. & Anderson, V.N. (2012, May).  Bias in a just world?  Sexual prejudice and intimate partner violence.  Poster presented at the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago, IL.

Chen, B., & Anderson, V.N. (2012, November).  Chinese college students' gender self-esteem and transprejudice.  Poster presented at the Diversity Research Symposium, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN.

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