Forgiveness, Altruism, & Aggression Research Program

Center faculty are currently involved in a variety of projects that explore predictors of altruism and aggression. The specific interests of the Center include the role of religious/spiritual experiences and practices in cultivating altruism and promoting helping behavior and the role of forgiveness in reducing risk of aggression. Additional projects include collaborative work with researchers at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. These studies involve examining predictors of aggression in offenders incarcerated in the Indiana Department of Corrections. A related line of research examines college student drinking games as a situational context that may contribute to sexual assault.

Publications & Presentations on Forgiveness, Altruism, and/or Aggression

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Dissertations on Forgiveness, Altruism and/or Aggression

Randy Halberda, Psy. D., (2005): Mixing Motives: The Relationship Between College Students’ Helping Behaviors and Alcohol Use. (Dissertation Advisor: Thomas J. Johnson, Ph.D.)

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James C. Peterson (Psy.D., 1999): The Relationship Between Homicidal Fantasies and Dangerousness. (Dissertation Advisor: Virgil, L. Sheets, Ph.D.)

Grants and Proposals on Forgiveness, Altruism, and/or Aggression

"Serious Youth Violence & Long-term Use of Violent Media"
PrincipaI Investigator: Rowell Huesmann, University of Michigan
Co-Investigators - Brad Bushman (University of Michigan); Paul Boxer (University of New Orleans); Craig Anderson (Iowa State University); Douglas Gentile (Iowa State University); Thomas J. Johnson (Indiana State University); Katherine Culotta (Indiana State University)
Agency: Centers for Disease Control
Status: Awarded 2004 (1-U49-CE000207-01)
Description: This series of studies involves examining exposure to violent media as a predictor of serious violence in several prospective and cross sectional samples, including: incarcerated juvenile delinquents, preschool and kindergarten students, high school seniors, incarcerated adults, and two normative groups of adults enrolled in long-term prospective longitudinal studies that began when the individuals were in middle childhood.

Under Review:
"Narcissism and the General Aggression Model"
Principal Investigator: Brad Bushman, Ph.D., Iowa State University
Co-Investigators: Thomas J. Johnson, Ph.D., Indiana State University; Katherine Culotta, Ph.D., Indiana State University; Jennifer, Boothby, Ph.D., Indiana State University;  Keith Campbell, Ph.D., University of Georgia.
Agency: NIH
Status: Under review
Description: Laboratory studies would be conducted at Iowa State and the University of Georgia. ISU’s involvement would be investigating religiousness, narcissistic personality traits, and the ability to forgive others as predictors of aggression or non-aggression in offenders entering the Indiana Department of Corrections.