Requirements of the Major

the Psychology major at Indiana State University requires 43 credit hours.

Psychology 101 is pre-requisite for all courses within the Department except PSY 100 (Psychology of Human Sexuality and Sexual Responsibility). Please note that at least 18 credit hours of Psychology courses must be completed at Indiana State University.

The requirements for the Major are outlined below. You may also download a Major Requirements Checklist to assist you in planning your course schedule.

Required Courses (13 credit hours)

Psychology Core Courses (Majors must complete 5 of the following courses; 15 credit hours)

required math (3 credit hours)

Math 115 or a higher level Math class*

*Please note:  Math 035 also meets this requirement but it does NOT meet the Foundational Studies math requirement.

Electives (9 credit hours)

In consultation with their academic advisors, students select 3 courses offered in the Department to serve as electives.

Students can select their elective courses from any offered in the Department. Frequently offered courses that can serve as electives include:

*Please note:  PSY 384 is a prerequisite for PSY 484.

Culminating Experience in Psychology (3 credit hours)

Complete 1 of the following courses in your junior or senior year:

   Please note:  Approved application for Psy 484 is required for enrollment


At least 18 hours of psychology courses must be completed at Indiana state university


a "c" or better must be earned in all required and core courses


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