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Center for Community Engagement

Indiana State University
Tirey Hall 134A
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809

Phone: 812.237.2334
Fax: 812.237.2525

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What is community engagement?

Community engagement is the development of collaborative partnerships between education, business, social services, and government that contribute to the academic mission of the University and directly benefit the community. Examples of community engagement activities include:

  • Technical assistance and applied research to help increase understanding of a local or regional problem or test solutions for that problem
  • Lectures, seminars, and other public forums that provide a neutral place to explore community issues
  • Extension of learning beyond the University walls and into the community
  • Enriching the cultural life of the community
  • Service, including internships and service-learning, which directly benefits the public
  • Economic development initiatives, including technology transfer and support for small businesses
  • Involvement of community members in planning and decision making activities of the University
  • Community engagement encompasses activities in the teaching, research, and service endeavors of faculty, students, and staff