what to expect on your first visit

Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation

We understand that the road to recovery is personal, so you will always receive a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

On your first visit, we will spend quality time evaluating your condition and analyzing the possible contributors to your injury / pain. Please allow one hour for each treatment (including your evaluation session).

We will directly communicate with your physician to develop the best plan of care for you – one that will get you moving again and deliver long-term success. 

As health care professionals, we are capable of managing an array of injuries, but we commonly treat patients with pre-and post-surgical recovery, healing fractures, dislocations, sprains/strains, low back pain, total joint replacements, overuse injuries, gait disturbance and postural dysfunctions.

We can address most causes of pain and limited function. Our goal is to help you recover faster and improve your ability to perform your daily tasks.


Forms for Your First Visit (PDF)

Forms for you to read and keep 

Ice / Heat Information
Graston Information

fill out and bring these forms
to your appointment 

Select ONE of these 5 forms and
Bring it to your appointment 



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