Become an RA/APA

Do you like to help other people?

Do you want to make a difference in other people’s lives?

Are you, or do you want to grow as a student leader?

Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself?

Create your legacy!  Apply to be a student staff member!

Filling out a student staff reference? Please click here! References are due Saturday, January 31st.

        If you are interested in the Sorority Community Assistant position, this is a separate hiring process.  Please contact Tina Hoesl, AHD for Reeve Hall, at for more information.  

What are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated leaders who would like to help mentor and educate first-year and upper-class students as they transition to college and continue their journey towards graduation. We create staff teams that represent the diverse communities within our residential areas, so individuals of all different backgrounds and personalities are encouraged to apply. Ultimately, we are looking for students who like to help others and want to have a meaningful impact on fellow students’ lives.

What Student Staff Positions are Available?

The Academic Peer Advocate (APA) position is responsible for the academic transition on all of our first year student floors. This position supports, promotes, and facilitates academic excellence and achievement among our first year students and Sophomore Year Experience. They are responsible for intentionally reaching out to faculty and getting them involved in the residence halls and University Apartments. Minimum qualifications to be an APA are:


The Resident Assistant (RA) position serves as an advisor for a floor community with major responsibilities including: assisting students with personal problems, interpreting and enforcing housing regulations and University policies, developing positive communities, and providing  community building activities. Minimum qualifications to be an RA are:

What are the benefits?

We would like to highlight that you earn a free room & meal plan as compensation for your services, but there is so much more. There are immeasurable personal and leadership development opportunities, to the point that this will be a highlight to place on your résumé when you are looking for internships or jobs after college. You will have the perfect answer when an interviewer asks you “Talk about a time you had to work through a difficult situation” or “Tell us how you balance multiple priorities as deadlines approach.”

MID-YEAR Selection Process

We will have a few openings in some of our residential communities for the Spring 2015 semester. If you are interested in starting employment during the Spring 2015 semester, the priority deadline to turn in your application is Saturday, November 1st. To be eligible to start working in Spring 2015, you must have lived in the residence halls or University Apartments for two or more semesters, including this semester. Therefore, first-year students are not eligible to start in Spring 2015.

If a specific building has an open position, you will be contacted to set up an individual interview with that building. If you are not contacted for an interview or do not receive a staff position, you will still be eligible for the Fall 2015 process.

Fall Selection Process

Both RA and APA candidates must enroll in SAHE 317, a two-credit leadership class during the Spring 2015 semester. The class will consist of information and activities that will help you learn more about leadership and the student staff position. You can register for the class during regular class registration, and it will have six different sessions:

  •TTh 10-11 AM
  •TTh 10-11 AM
  •TTh 1-2 PM
  •Th 6-8 PM
  •MW 4-5 PM
  •MW 4-5 PM

During your leadership class you will also sign up for your individual interview time, which will happen between Tuesday, February 10th, and Friday, February 13th. Candidates will schedule a 75 minute block of time, in which candidates will participate in two thirty-minute interviews.

The Fall 2015 application timeline is as follows:


When you fill out and turn in an application, you are applying for both the Academic Peer Advocate position and the Resident Assistant position. As a department we interview for both positions and then place people into positions based on their qualifications, interviews, and where we think each person would most benefit our students.

Each part of the Student Staff application is important.  You should pay particular attention to the neatness of your application and the grammatical construction of your essays. Overall application presentation and written work are of particular importance when the Office of Residential Life is making distinctions among many outstanding candidates. Part of the application process includes the references you receive. It will be your job to first ask if someone would be willing to serve as a reference, and if they agree, to follow up with them to ensure the form is completed before the reference deadline. You will be given information about when the reference form goes live; however, reference forms will be sent directly to your references.

You must have two references; one MUST be from a Residential Life staff member (RA/APA/SCA/LPA/AHD/AC/etc.). Your other reference can be a Residential Life staff member, or can be someone else who can talk about your leadership experience, work experience, or classroom leadership (Organization Advisor/Boss or Supervisor/Professor/Pastor/etc.).

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•Mid-Year Priority Deadline (will also count as your Fall 2015 application): Saturday, November 1st
•Fall 2015 Deadline: Friday, December 5th


Contact the Residential Life Office at (812) 237-3993, or the Student Staff Selection Committee via e-mail at