About Us:

LLC Mission Statement

The Leadership Learning Community is dedicated to developing students into future leaders on our campus and in the community.  Student leadership skills will increase through community service, inclusiveness, effective communication, self-discovery, personal growth and involvement.  Members will strive for excellence: while keeping a positive attitude, being responsible, compassionate, and serving as a positive role model for others.

LLC History

         The concept for this program was developed in 2002 by three Residential Life staff members

         The following year the program was started in Lincoln Quad with 4 members

         The program was originally called the Lincoln Leadership Community (LLC) in 2010 the name was changed to Leadership Learning Community (LLC)

         By the 2009-10 the membership had grown to 72, it was determined that this was too large of a membership for us to support with our limited staff.

         Currently we have 54 spaces in Sandison Hall for our members. 

        LLC staff consists of the following Residential Life staff: Residential Life Associate Director, an Assistant Hall Director and 2 student Leadership Peer Advocates (LPAs).

         Each year the members of the LLC do a number of community service projects, volunteer work and fund raising.  This is done by individual members and the membership as a whole.

         In 2007 the LLC held the 1st Fall Leadership Retreat in August  

         2010 – 11 the LLC adopted Community Partners and started our Community Partner Projects

         Each year we conduct one or two assessment projects to make sure the program is on track.

What members say about LLC -

"The LLC has helped me to cope with the challenges as a first year college student and has provided me with people/mentors that I know I can rely on for help and guidance." - J

"I love being part of a group, because it makes me feel more like I am at home with family. The LLC is my family here at ISU and I love every one of them dearly." - B

"This year in the LLC has really helped me to adjust to college life. It has helped me to meet new people, serve my community, branch out to accept new opportunities, and become an overall better leader." - B

"The LLC has been one of the best opportunities I have been given so far during my time here at ISU.  The LLC has become my family and has helped me tremendously when it comes to the transition to college." -J

“Being a member of the LLC gave me the tools and encouragement I needed to spend my past semester aboard” – E

I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for going through the LLC program.  I loved my time in the LLC.” –C

"Being in LLC I have developed and enhanced my essential leadership, planning, and influencing skills that are necessary to create and sustain long-term structural success. Being in LLC is a real-life experience that can help me solidify future endeavors. It has given me opportunities that I can relate to real-world activities including future industries I will work in." - S