Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to change the lives of children between the ages of 6 – 18 by matching them to with mentor. Mentors spend one-on-one time with their mentee doing a variety of things. However, many times the families of these children have very limited contact with BBBS. The LLC yellow POD worked this year with BBBS and organized a Family Education Night. The goal was to get the families more connected to the local BBBS and to offer some safety education sessions.The event was held on February 21st at the local BBBS. The families were invited to come for dinner and to attend the short educational sessions. Session offered were: Cyber Bullying & Internet Safety, Fire Safety and a Car Seat Clinic. The children were entertained with a variety of activities. The LLC members made several community contacts asking for assistance with this event. They were able to get the dinner donated and the Terre Haute Fire Department to volunteer to help with session on Fire Safety. This was a very successful event. The BBBS was very pleased with the turnout of parents and with all the work done by the LLC POD. The BBBS is interested in making this an annual event. The LLC members learned more about their leadership styles, they applied their problem solving skills and they learned what it takes to plan a large event. They also had fun with the children and meeting the families.