Terre Haute Children's Museum

  • The LLC POD assigned to the Children’s Museum did three different programs this year as their Community Partner Project. Their first project was to help improve the experience children had while visiting the museum on a field trip. The LLC members created lesson plans on a variety of topics that could be used each time the museum hosted a field trip. In October, the LLC helped plan and implemented a Halloween party. The children came dressed in costumes and enjoyed playing games and receiving treats. The event was attended by over 100 children. The final project \the LLC did at the Children’s Museum was to host the Fairytale Experience. At this event children were asked to dress like their favorite fairytale character. The children participated in a variety of activities that you might see in a fairytale movie. The LLC members learned to identify and solve problems, they learned more about their individual leadership styles and they learned to critically evaluate the ideas of others. The members had a great time interacting with the children and were very success with their projects.