Terre Haute Humane Society

  • A team of LLC members were assigned to work with the Terre Haute Humane Society as their community partner. The shelter is dedicated to providing stray and abandoned animals a temporary home until they are adopted or sent to a rescue. The shelter is a non-profit organization. The shelter which is not a no kill shelter has been working on improving its euthanasia rate. They reported a 4% rate for 2011. The LLC team was very concerned about the euthanasia rate and they wanted to do a program that would help more stray and abandoned animals find homes. The team decided that one factor in whether a dog was adopted was it’s appearance. The shelter does not have a groomer on staff, so dogs look for homes are not always looking their best. The LLC team contacted local groomers and asked them to donate some of their time to help improve the looks of some of the dogs at the shelter. The team coordinated the transportation and grooming of the dogs. The goal of the project was to establish a good working relationship between local grooms and the shelter. The before and after pictures of some of the dogs were amazing and hopefully will vastly improve their chance of adoption. The LLC members learned what it is like to work with both employees and volunteer staff at an organization. The members were able to use their leadership skills to identify a need and to develop a program to solve the problem. The members used many of their leadership skills and were able to better identify their individual leadership styles. The members enjoyed working with the animals.