The Light House Mission

  • The Light House Mission is a local center that offers guidance, counseling, education, job training, food, clothing and shelter to the homeless. The LLC team that was assigned the Light House as their Community Partner decided educational sessions on finance would benefit those individuals using the mission. The LLC members partnered with 5/3rd Bank and offered sessions on money management:
    How to save money
    Successful budgeting
    Where is your money going
    How to balance a check book
    Bank account basics
    The LLC members learned to critically evaluate the ideas of others, the importance of effective communication, the learned how important team work is and how everyone on a team has an important role. The LLC members learned more about the individuals who are serviced by the mission. They learned to team with other community resources to provide a successful program. The members also learned more about finance themselves and they enjoyed interacting with the mission staff and program participates.