Wabash Valley Habitat for Humanity

  • Wabash Valley Habitat for Humanity is one of the LLC Community Partners. The LLC group assigned to this partner decided to focus their project around the Habit ReStore. The ReStore supports the local Habitat for Humanity projects by selling quality construction materials at bargain prices. In order to make the ReStore viable it needs the support of the community. The LLC members decided that although the ReStore is partnered with many local retailers and contractors in the area, however they still need donations from the general public. In addition, the ReStore needs customers for the merchandise they have to offer. The LLC members assigned this Community Partner decided that the ReStore needed more recognition within the community. Therefore, they planned a Kick-Off Event to bring more awareness. They posted signs about the event throughout the community and did radio broadcasts on the day of the event. The event was held on a Saturday. Pizza and drinks were offered to customers who both donated and purchased merchandise. On a typical Saturday the ReStore takes in around $150 dollars and receives limited donated merchandize. The Kick Off Event was very success. The ReStore sold $3,200 dollars’ worth of merchandize and also saw an increased the amount of goods donated. The LLC members applied their problem solving skills, they learned what it took to coordinate a large event, they learned more about Habitat for Humanity and they were able to apply their individual leadership skills. They had fun helping customers load and unload merchandize and are very proud of their project.