More FAQ's:

How do I apply to be a member of LLC?

Just complete and submit an LLC application, located on the LLC website.

Can I request a specific roommate or room if I am in the LLC?

You can make a roommate request, however your requested roommate will need also need to have an LLC application on file. This will need to be a mutual request and both of you will need to include your requested roommates name and 991# on your LLC application. We will do our best to match you up as roommates. Please note you should make the same requests on your Housing Application/Contract, just in case you are not accepted to the LLC. The LLC doesn’t compare requests made on the LLC application with those made on the Housing application, so please make your request on both.

You can request a specific room. You will need to indicate this on your LLC application. We will do our best to honor your request; however our goal is to mix new and returning members on each floor. If you have a special need, you will need to provide the appropriate documentation to the Residential Life Office.

What are the requirements for applying to the LLC?

Newly admitted student has a Housing Contract on file and has paid the $20 processing fee and the $150 initial housing payment

Returning students must have a Housing Contract on file and have paid the $170 processing fee and initial housing payment

Students completes and submits an LLC application

How are members selected and how will I know if I am selected?

Once an application is received the LLC advisors will check to make sure all requirements are met.

Then the advisors will review the application, paying particular attention to the essay questions and the listed community service experience. It is very important to take time to answer the essays thoroughly.

Returning LLC members must request to continue their LLC membership. These requests are reviewed by the advisors based on the member’s performance, contribution to the LLC and reason for requesting to return. Returning to the LLC is privilege.

New student applicants will be notified by their ISU email account

Returning members will be notified by the advisors and confirmed by an email to their ISU account

What will be my mailing address?

You will be sent your mailbox number when you get your housing/room assignment letter

All mail should be sent to:

Student’s Name 402 Erickson Hall (your mailbox number and hall) Terre Haute, IN 47809

Please note: do not include the words mailbox, box, ISU or Indiana State University in your mailing address. Doing so will either greatly delay delivery or may cause it not to be delivered at all.

Can I get a Loft?

Yes, you can rent a loft from

Please note that if you plan on attending the Fall Leadership Retreat you will be moving into your room at least four days earlier that the bed lofts are delivered to campus. This just means you will have to use the bed in the room for a few days and then install your loft.

Note that no bed parts maybe removed from the room

Student is responsible for returning the bed loft at the designated time/location and returning the bed to the original setup.

Can LLC members move-in early in August?

Only those that are attending the LLC Fall Leadership Retreat. Retreat move-in date and time will be set hear year based on when the halls open for fall.

LLC members not attending the retreat will be allowed to move-in on the Friday of opening weekend.

Can I stay in my room over break periods?

Erickson Hall does not offer break housing

If you need housing during breaks you will have to sign-up for break housing and temporarily move to another hall.

There is an additional charge for break housing

Do LLC members have to apply each year?


If I decide not to participate in the LLC can I still live on one of the LLC floors?

No, you will have to relocate. The LLC floors are only for members. All Erickson Hall floors are designated theme floors; therefore you will be required to move out of Erickson Hall. The Area Coordinator for Erickson Hall will assist you in finding another room on campus.

Can I belong to the LLC and not live on one of the LLC floors?

No, Since the LLC is a living-learning community you must live with the other members...

Exceptions will be made for those needing special accommodations that cannot be met on the LLC floors.

Are there any paid student positions within the LLC?

The LLC has Leadership Peer Advocate (LPA) positions. When positions become available, current members with at least 2 semesters of LLC experience are notified.

What if I still have questions about the LLC?

Call the Residential Life Office at (812) 237 - 3993

Call LLC Advisor (Jessica Robinson) at (812) 237 - 3993

Email Jessica at