How much time does the LLC require:

Every Monday night 6:00 PM (Returners)
     ◊ leadership sessions (6:00 -- 7:39 PM in Erickson Hall)
     ◊ First Monday of each month, ALL LLC meeting for Development and Community Partner Project POD meetings 5:30 – 7:00 PM in Erickson Hall)
Time to answer the monthly journal questions on leadership
Homework - One to two assignments each semester
Study Hall
     ◊ members determine the amount of time weekly
     ◊ offered twice weekly
Community Service
     ◊ Individual
     ◊ LLC Organized
Community Partner Project (group project - have two semesters to complete)
     ◊ meetings with your LLC POD
     ◊ meetings with the community partner
     ◊ preparation for the event
     ◊ execution of the event
     ◊ showcase of event
LLc events/activities      ◊Fall Leadership Retreat
     ◊ ISU Home Coming Parade
     ◊ Donaghy Day
     ◊ MLK Day of Service
     ◊ Other LLC community service events
     ◊ Social events planned by the staff (not required, but recommended)