Fall Leadership Retreat:

The retreat starts a few days before the halls open, typically on Sunday evening. Members move into their fall assignment and begin developing their community. There is no additional charge for the retreat and the LLC provides all meals starting on Monday morning until the student’s fall meal plan starts.

There are several advantages of attending the retreat: members get to move in early, they are introduced to the cafeteria and Student Union. They tour campus and learn where their classes are located, they have the opportunity to take care of campus business before others arrive and they have fun. We keep the members very busy during the retreat – less time to be homesick or bored. We do team builders and other activities to help members get to know each other and there are social events planned each evening. We discuss the LLC syllabus, Community Partner Projects and LLC expectations. We also do some community service projects.

We spent a day at the ISU Field Campus doing team builders, leadership activities, wall climbing, canoeing and having a great time. Transportation to the Field Campus and Community Service sites is provided. Members attending the retreat have a support team in place even before classes start.

Members move-in early for the retreat and must attend all of the retreat activities/sessions (band is the exception). Questions about the Fall 2014 LLC Retreat may be directed to Stephanie.Pearcy@indstate.edu