Humane Shelter

On August 18th as part of the 2011 Fall Leadership Retreat forty-three (43) LLC members along with their three advisors spent the afternoon at the Vigo County Humane Society. Members were transported to the shelter courtesy of the Terre Haute Transit. Members were divided into groups and assigned projects:
●  Transporting animal crates/cages from storage areas
●  Dis-assembling crates/cages
●  Washing and drying crates/cages
●  Re-assembling crates/cages
●  Inventorying crates/cages
●  Making list of needed parts
●  Stacking and storing cleaned crates/cages
While at the shelter members were able to meet both Humane Society employees and volunteers. Some of the members toured the shelter and interacted with some of the animals available for adoption. Several members were upset that this was not a “no kill shelter”. However, they were glad that preparing the crates/cages would enable the shelter to transport animals to other shelters for adoption. As evident in the pictures taken that afternoon the LLC members had a great time doing this community service project, even the ones who were afraid or allergic to the animals. This project was such a success for both the shelter and the LLC members we plan to make it an annual event.