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CONFERENCE AND EVENT SERVICES is the first place you call when planning your Indiana State University banquet, conference, guest speaker, or other special event. The ISU Campus is a very busy place and spaces fill up quickly. It is important to plan at least
9 months ahead and have several potential dates and some basic information when you make your initial contact with us:

Based on the information you provide, we will help you find the venue that best suits your space need and budget. Fees may apply depending on the type of activity, facility desired, and /or support services your event requires.

Indiana State University offers wonderful opportunities for you to host your professional organization activities. CO-SPONSORING an event with off-campus organizations needs to follow specific guidelines. Such an event is, by definition, a program, a conference and/or a meeting involving two entities—a University department (in this case) and an off-campus organization (such as a professional association). Depending upon the location you select, certain fees do apply.

If your department plans to co-sponsor an event occurring in Hulman Memorial Student Union, be sure and let our staff know and provide names of all co-sponsoring groups. The department making the reservation is responsible for payment of fees and for maintaining the proper condition of the facility. All reservation setup requests are to be made by one university staff person. A university staff person is to be present at and to monitor the event.

Events must comply with venue policy prohibiting "fronting". Fronting occurs when an on-campus organization is used to represent primarily the interests of an off-campus group. We do not recognize co-sponsorship between non-University groups and student organizations or campus departments when the co-sponsorship seeks to reduce applicable costs for facilities or services.

Faculty/staff should not use their privileges for access to ISU spaces inappropriately to "front” for a non-university group or commercial vendor in order to avoid or reduce rental rates. Departments can only reserve space for events of which they directly sponsor, are integrally involved in, will be present at, or receive funds/profits from. Users that misrepresent an event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges will be charged appropriately, may incur additional charges and may have reservation privileges suspended.


Classroom locations are scheduled through the Registration and Records Office, 812-237-2020,  ISU-ORR@mail.indstate.edu. If you need a classroom for a one-time special event, please contact us and we will work with the classroom scheduler to secure your location. Evening and weekend use may require that we arrange for buildings to be unlocked for you.

Venues that we schedule are not available for regular classes. They are, however, appropriate for guest speakers, conferences, special celebrations and banquets.


We are responsible for scheduling and managing conferences held at Indiana State University and provide assistance in the major areas of conference planning and implementation.

Hospitality Approval

Hospitality Approval


Indiana State University facilities can be rented on an available basis in keeping with the University Handbook guidelines. Because our prices are already highly competitive, there is no discount on rental fees for faculty, staff, or ISU students or ISU alumni for private events.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to find the right location and price point for your special day.

A fifty percent, non-refundable deposit is required for your event at the contract signing. A certificate of insurance is also required with Indiana State University and Indiana State University Board of Trustees listed as both the certificate holder and as additional insureds for all days contracted.