FAFSA and Other Important Information


  • File the FAFSA every year by March 10th. (Recommend by March 1st.)
  • May 15th is the deadline for edits.
  • Go to http://www.in.gov/ai/appfiles/eStudents/ and create an eStudent account.
  • Keep track of your FAFSA to see if you have edits
  • Track your scholarship awards

Sycamore E-mail: Important information concerning financial aid, registering for classes and special opportunities through ScholarCorps is sent through your Sycamore Email. Check it daily!!

**It is important that you visit the 21st Century Scholars website frequently, http://www.in.gov/21stcenturyscholars/, to keep updated on changes, as well as if you have address and phones number changes that you contact the central office immediately.