Study Week Policy

Study Week is intended to encourage student preparation for final examinations given during the final examination week. Class attendance, however, is still expected. No examination of any kind, including quizzes that count for over four percent of the grade, can be given during Study Week. Papers due during Study Week must be specified in the class syllabus handed out to students at the beginning of each semester. Examinations for laboratory; intensive, mini-courses; or summer sessions are permitted.

The student is responsible for notifying the Student Government Association of a violation of any of the above terms. The Student Government Association will take the correct procedures for informing the faculty member and the academic department chairperson of the failure to comply with the terms of the Study Week policy. The student's name will be confidential to the Student Government Association.

For any concerns email this form to the Director of Academic Affairs:  Study Week Complaint Form.

Sam Lewis
Director of Academic Affairs