Makeup of the court

The Student Government Association Supreme Court shall be consist of a Chief Justice (1) and Associate Justices (4)

Jurisdiction of the court


The SGA Supreme Court shall have jurisdiction over the adjudication of the following cases:

  1. All cases involving constitutionality and interpretation under the SGA Constitution and Code
  2. All cases concerning actions of the SGA
  3. All cases involving activities of the Campus Election Commission
  4. All cases involving disputes within a registered student organization, not including violations of the
     Code of Student Conduct, assuming all processes within said organization have been exhausted; all decisions must be reported to the Director of Student Activities and Organizations


The SGA Supreme Court shall act as arbiter among or between registered student organizations when consent is given by the president or chairperson of all parties of the dispute. 

Following the signing of an arbitration agreement all parties will be held responsible to the decisions reached by the SGA Supreme Court, the university administration will use all tools afforded to ensure compliance of said arbitration agreement.