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Earth Day 2014

The Staff Council will be hosting a booth at Earth Day on April 16. Information about recycling office supplies will be available at our booth. If your office has an abundance supply of paper clips and rubber bands, you may recycle those by bringing them to our tent during Earth Day. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Buchholz, Karen.buchholz@indstate.edu X2900.




Each year, the ISU Staff Council awards the “Sycamore Staff Award” to a Staff member who contributes to the overall mission and success of Indiana State University. The Sycamore Staff Award is open to all benefits-eligible staff (full or part time) who have been employed at ISU for at least one full year. Staff members who have previously received the award cannot be eligible again for a three year period. If the nominee leaves the university before the award is given, an alternate will be chosen.

To make a nomination, you must be Benefits-eligible staff. The Staff Council will serve as the selection committee. If anyone from the Council is nominated, they must abstain from voting. To make a nomination, click here.

The selection criteria is as follows:

1.       Attitude-demonstrates an outstanding personal and professional interaction with co-workers, faculty, students, and visitors of Indiana State University.
2.       Service-provides a continual demonstration of outstanding service in all their activities and responsibilities within their department, within the University community, and the Community at large.
3.       Engagement-provides outstanding resourcefulness, innovation, and creativity in all their activities and responsibilities within their department, within the University community, and the Community at large.
4.       Contribution-contributes to and supports the Council by their attitude, service, and engagement. (But does NOT have to be on the Council).

The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting scheduled for May 15, 2014 from 10:00am – 12:00pm in the Sycamore Banquet Center.

The Sycamore Staff Award will be presented at the Staff Council Annual Meeting held on May 15, 2014 from 10:00am – 12:00pm in the Sycamore Banquet Center. All nominees will be invited and the award will be recognized and presented by the Council Chair.

The deadline for nominations is May 1, 2014.

PLEASE NOTE: Recent award winners not eligible this year are Martha Reed (2011), Pam Chamberlain (2012), Theresa Ortega (2012) and Angie Lansing (2013).


The Staff Council Scholarship Application process has been reviewed and a few modifications have been made to the selection process. Each applicant will be assigned points based on their cumulative GPA, earned credits and number of hours enrolled and the scholarships will be awarded based on this point system. Also applicants will be required to file a FAFSA (Free Application Federal Student Aid) form with Financial Aid. This information will only be reviewed by Financial Aid and the selection committee will not see any financial information for the applicants.

The FAFSA deadline is nearing and the Staff Council Scholarship Application will be available beginning May 1, 2014 so make sure you complete your FAFSA before the application is available.

To be eligible for the Staff Council Scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

* Must currently hold a benefits-eligible staff position.

* Must have held a benefits-eligible staff position for the 12 consecutive months immediately prior to submitting the application

* Must be in good standing with the University.

* Must be enrolled in classes at ISU for the upcoming academic year (at the time of submitting the application)

* Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 if college credits have been accumulated.

For questions about the scholarship or the selection process, please contact Jamie Hays, Jamie.hays@indstate.edu X2784


Staff Council will accept nominations for vacant representative seats from March 10th- March 19th.  We need nominations from all staff, including exempt and non-exempt(bi-weekly) to fill vacancies within Academic Affairs, Business Affairs and Finance, Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications, and Student Affairs. 

If you would like to nominate yourself, or another staff member; please click the hyperlink below.


If you have any questions, or you are unsure which division you would represent, please contact Barry Overpeck at Barry.Overpeck@indstate.edu or Elizabeth Coleman at Elizabeth.Coleman@indstate.edu. 

Elections will be held March 27th-April 4th. 

For more information about Staff Council please visit our website at, http://www.indstate.edu/staffcouncil/ .


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