Special events and recognition committee

1. Shall be comprised of at least eight (8) Staff, two from each of the four (4) Divisions.
2. Shall serve as an advisory body to Council in reference to all University events.
3. Shall promote and coordinate all events for the Council.

4. Shall coordinate the scholarship application process.
5. Shall act as the awarding body for the Staff Scholarship Fund.
6. Shall research and implement a process of fundraising for the Staff Scholarship Fund.
7. Shall keep Council apprised of all scholarship activity.

list of members

Committee Chair: Jamie Hays

Committee Secretary: Stephanie Jeffers

Committee Members:

Gina Atterson (S) 
Rhonda Beecroft
Patti Bolton
Evan Boyer
Audre Brickey
Pam Chamberlain (S)
Melissa Grinslade
Kelly Hall (S)
Jamie Hays
Stephanie Jeffers
Tracy Machtan
Pam Malone
Stacey McCallister
Lisa McDaniel
Theresa Ortega (S)
Lisa Stein (S)
Ray Thomas
Roxanne Torrence
Debbie Woolard

Regularly scheduled meeting:

First Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm

Committee Charges for 2013-14