Staff EMPLOYEE benefits committee

1. Shall be comprised of at least eight (8) Staff, two from each of the four (4) Divisions.
2. Shall serve as an advisory body to the Council in reference to Staff benefits.
3. Shall review and prepare recommendations regarding adjustments to employee benefit programs for Staff and report its findings to Executive Committee.

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list of members

Committee Co-Chairs: Debbie Huckabee & Sarah Ber             

Committee Secretary: Patty Guess 

Committee Members:

Vickie Magill
Lynn Larimer
Elaine Abel
Lisa Miller
Lori Vancza
Carole Brassie
Kelly Wright
Sarah Ber
Marilyn Heaton
Laura Kennedy

Regularly Scheduled Meeting:

First Thursday of each month (except August & January TBA)  10am - 11am.  Location: Stalker Hall 211

Committee Charges for 2014-15

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