Multicultural Services and Programs

Opened October 1, 2015, under the leadership of Dr. Willie Banks, Jr., Vice President for Student Affairs, the Office of Multicultural Services and Programs (MSP) was created to advocate across various vectors to grow Indiana State University into a model of multicultural excellence for all who learn, live, and work on campus. MSP strives to build a climate of inclusion and community and aim to enhance intercultural competency through workshops, services, resources, programs, and influencing ISU policies and practices. We work actively with and for all Indiana State University students.

About Us

What does Multicultural really mean?

Multiculturalism involves an understanding, empathy, and appreciation of others language, religion, sexuality, age, mental or physical abilities, experiences, etc. To put simply, let’s just say multiculturalism is the appreciation of other people. This includes things about the person that are not apparent – aspects of the person that you cannot see. When meeting someone, must take into consideration that every person comes with different abilities, values, norms, goals, and experiences. We are not all alike and we should appreciate those differences. We may share the same aspects of a particular culture (i.e. language, religion, gender, political affiliation, national origin); however, no one has shared the same experiences or influences throughout their lives.

The Office of Multicultural Services and Programs will focus on strategies that will increase the retention and graduation rates of our students. Our goals are simple:

  • Ally with and support students in marginalized communities
  • Assist in the retention and graduation of multicultural students by fostering a sense of community through intellectual, social, and cultural exchange
  • Provide and promote safe spaces for challenging dialogue about students’ experiences and concerns
  • Provide services and programs that support multicultural students in realizing their academic, professional, and personal potential

To assist in accomplishing the goals set for MSP, several resource centers were created.

La Casita Student Resource Center is a space for those interested in learning more about the Hispanic and Latin cultures.

International Student Resource Center will support and promote the success and personal growth of international students through intercultural programming and advocacy. The center is designed to be a welcoming environment that respects cultural diversity.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Student Resource Center provides resources, services, and programs for students that may have questions pertaining to the lives of LGBT students or students that already identify as LGBT and are looking for a safe space. The center is designed to create a safe, inclusive Indiana State University community regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

Multicultural Services and Programs Advisory Committee

The Multicultural Services and Programs Committee (MSPC) is comprised of a students, staff, and faculty who work toward enhancing the programs and services of MSP. The Committee will evaluate the needs of our multicultural student body and identify and address relevant campus issues. The Board will assist in the creation of programs and services that will promote a campus environment of inclusion, engagement, acceptance, and appreciation. 

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Being an accessible and visible resource for the entire student community
  • Facilitating students’ connections to multicultural communities on campus
  • Keeping the University accountable and responsive to students and their concerns
  • Providing avenues for the administration to better understand student concerns
  • Supporting and connecting with groups whose missions include anti-oppressive education and awareness

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