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The Multicultural Services and Programs (MSP) office of Indiana State University is in the process of hosting our annual signature event. Our office strives to be a model for inclusive excellence, promotes a strong foundation of community, and works to provide programming with the intention to enhance intercultural knowledge. We stand for and work with all Indiana State students and the surrounding community. The goal of our annual signature events are to branch outside our office and make an impact, no matter how big nor how small.

This semester we are looking to give back to the Terre Haute community and make a difference in our surrounding area. Indiana winters can be somewhat intolerable and brutal at times, which is a problem for those who face trouble finding warmth and security. MSP is looking to involve the University and community to create fleece tie blankets to donate to organizations which will aid locals during the winter months. Indiana State cares about our community and wants to aid those in need. 

We have had requests for upwards of almost 1,200 blankets. Although we might not be able to reach that goal due to finding that amount of fleece, we hope to give each requesting organization blankets. MSP is hosting this event, but we will be asking for assistance from the University community in order to successfully carry out this project. 

The only cost of this project comes from the price of fleece as the delivery of the blankets will be taken care of with no cost. We are asking for help in carrying out this project by simple donations of fleece. We look forward to giving back to the community and hope to make a big impact that shows Indiana State cares, and we can come together for the greater good. 

If you are interested in sponsoring our event by supplying fleece or completed new fleece blankets, please contact Elonda Ervin by email at

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