Academic Programs Abroad

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

ISEP is affordable since costs for most locations are based on ISU tuition, fees, room and board. Through ISEP you have access to over 100 study sites in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the South Pacific.

ISEP provides immersion in the culture and university life of another country. As an ISEP participant, you register as a regular student and participate in the same activities as students at the host institution. You will be studying with students from many other countries, and at each site, there is an ISEP coordinator available to help. Many ISEP schools also have a buddy system, where you are met at the airport by a local student who will show you around and take you to your residence hall.

Returning ISEP participants express a high level of satisfaction and enthusiasm. They emphasize the value of being immersed in a host culture, the independence and maturity they gained, and the quality of support they received.

Be sure to check out for detailed information about ISEP programs.

Most students choose either a semester or full- year exchange through ISEP. ISEP does offer a few affordable and unique summer options to study foreign language or take general education courses in several locations. Summer ISEP options.

What are the requirements?

A minimum GPA of 2.75, for some locations 3.0

How competitive is this program?

Since this program works on the basis of “exchange” and in some locations, this may be limited, EARLY PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL. The priority deadline for programs is February 1st of the year prior to study.

How do I apply ?  

Applications can be downloaded from the site: or available in the Office of Study Abroad. Either way, the Coordinator assists with copies and mailing and must also sign the form.

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

Meeting the priority deadline is important for competitive sites (UK, Ghana, the Netherlands) and for have the best chance at placement at your first choice location. Applications, however, are accepted and placement is made on a space-available basis throughout the year.

 What about payment?

If you are participating in an “exchange”, you will receive a bill from the ISU Controller’s Office, just as if you were here on campus. If you are doing an ISEP Direct program, then the Office of Study Abroad will send you an invoice. Either way, your financial aid and scholarships will apply.

What are my language options with ISEP?

ENGLISH: Australia (only “direct”), Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic,  Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ghana, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand (only “direct”), Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom


FRENCH: Canada, France, French Overseas Department, Switzerland

GERMAN: Austria, Germany, Switzerland




RUSSIAN: Estonia, Lativia,

SPANISH: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Uruguay