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Math Preparation Program Enrollment Form

The College of Technology is expanding its math preparation program which is a completely voluntary program for students transferring into the university and new students with a Maple T score of 15 or less. It is designed to build up basic math skills and pre-certify each student's readiness for class. The entire cost is paid by the university. For your convenience, it has been set up as an online course with a flexible schedule to let you choose the start day and time that works best for you. It is a "smart" system which will focus on any weak areas you might have and will not waste your time on things you already know.

For those with a pretty solid math background, the course can be finished in a few hours. Those needing more help will find it is time well spent. For many students, this will make the difference as they go on to achieve their educational goals. Last year's course graduates improved their math comprehension an average of 37% with 26 hours of work. They went on to achieve an impressive 3.55 GPA.

We want this same success for you. Look for a start date when you can set aside an hour a day working on this. We want you to complete it as soon as possible so you will be ready for your upcoming classes.

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