Message from the Dean


Linda Maule

Resilience and Perseverance

Dr. Linda S. Maule, Dean University College

Life is  either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~Helen Keller, the Open Door


One fails forward towards success ~Charles F. Kettering


Welcome to the University College at Indiana State University! We are thrilled you have chosen to become a Sycamore and that you see value in the intellectual challenge and transformational opportunities a college education provides.

As you learned at New Student Orientation, the transition from high school to university is difficult, even for the savvy student. During the first semester, you should expect to stumble and get your fair share of metaphorical bumps and bruises. Please remember there is no shame in stumbling or even falling. We all learn through failure. Ultimately, a measure of person is not on whether they have failed, but how they respond to their failures and overcome life’s obstacles.

Along these lines, this semester will require on your part grit and resilience. Sometimes you will have to "gut it out," "suck it up" or simply persevere. At other times, you will have to admit you don't know the answers and ask for help. It is far more courageous to ask for assistance than go it alone.

We, at the University College, are here to support you. We are your partners in your academic and personal success. We, also, wholeheartedly wish for you the following in your first semester:

  • You find your intellectual or professional passion
  • You are "electrified" be a lecture, class discussion, or project
  • You learn something wondrous and new
  • You stay up all night talking to friends about an event on campus or a subject in class
  • You take a strategic risk and are empowered as a result (even if it doesn't work out the way you expected it would)
  • You learn about yourself through serving others
  • You feel pride as a result of overcoming an obstacle or meeting high expectations
  • You experience the joy of being exposed to diverse ideas and peoples
  • You gain confidence in your ability to navigate the complex university environment
  • You come to find there really is "More to Blue"

Again, welcome to Indiana State University!