Then and Now

STATE has celebrated more than 100,000 graduates. In 1870, 21 students enrolled with a faculty of four, in addition to President Jones. Today, enrollment is 647 times that.

What could your money buy in 1904?

  • $0.14 Milk
  • $0.33 for 5lbs of sugar
  • $0.18 lb of bacon
  • Only 14% of American homes had a bathtub.
  • A 3 minute phone from Denver to NYC cost $11
  • $0.22 hourly wage

In 1922 "Sycamores" was voted by students as the new athletics teams' name. Before that it was
"Fighting Teachers."

Today, Criminology is one of State's largest academic programs with 858 students. The Secret Service was founded to stop counterfeiters in 1865.

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