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Chapter Constitution

Constitution for AAUP-ISU Chapter 
Indiana State University Chapter 
of the 
American Association of University Professors 
Adopted 30 April 2010, Amended 12 June 2014, Amended 15 December 2015 
Article I:  Name 
The name of this organization is the Indiana State University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.  The official abbreviation of the name is:  AAUP~ISU Chapter.  In the articles below the organization is referred to as “the Chapter.” 
Article II:  Purposes 
The purposes of the Chapter are to: 
1. Defend academic freedom and tenure at Indiana State University (ISU).
2. Protect and advance the professional status and interest of all ISU faculty.
3. Encourage faculty participation in University governance and decision making.
4. Convey the policies and views of the national American Association of University Professors (AAUP) to faculty, administrators, and governing boards of universities and colleges, to local and state legislative bodies, and to the general public.
5. Disseminate information about higher education principles and practices.
6. Participate in the Indiana Conference of AAUP.
7. Support the policies and goals of the national AAUP as found in Article I of its national constitution.
8. Promote collective bargaining when appropriate for the accomplishment of the aforementioned purposes.
9. Develop chapter programs for the accomplishment of the above purposes.
In furtherance of the purposes described above, the Chapter shall have the authority to:  conduct studies, disseminate statistics and other information, engage in various fundraising activities, hold such property as is necessary to accomplish its purposes, and employ counsel to represent the Chapter in lawsuits, negotiations, and for other purposes. 
The Chapter is organized for the above stated purposes and for other non-profit purposes.  No part of any net earnings shall be paid to any member of the organization. 
Article III:  Membership 
Membership in the Chapter is open to all faculty (tenured, tenure-track, contingent and retired), graduate students, and administrators at Indiana State University.  Chapter membership shall require payment of annual dues to the Chapter as well as membership in the national AAUP.  Provided that an individual is a member of national AAUP, membership in the Chapter shall become effective upon receipt of Chapter dues and shall expire on the 31st of August.  The amount of Chapter dues shall be determined by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority vote of the Chapter members.  Notification of membership in the Chapter shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer.   
Article IV:  Chapter Associates 
Faculty, graduate students and administrators at Indiana State University who are not members of the national AAUP may become Chapter Associates by paying the annual Chapter dues.   This status shall become effective upon receipt of Chapter dues and shall expire on the 31st of August.  Chapter Associates will receive the same communications received by Chapter Members from the Chapter.  However, Chapter Associates will not have any voting rights pertaining to Chapter business, and they may not serve as officers of the Chapter.  
Article V:  Officers 
The officers of this organization shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Officers–at–Large. 
Terms and Elections  Terms for President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be two years, beginning September 1 of the calendar year in which elected.  Terms of officers shall be staggered to promote continuity of the Chapter leadership, with the President and Secretary elected in even numbered years, and the Vice President and Treasurer elected in odd numbered years.  Officers-at-Large shall be elected annually with their terms beginning September 1 of the calendar year in which elected.  Elections shall be organized in the spring semester by the current set of officers.  After soliciting nominations from the Chapter membership, a slate of candidates shall be determined by the current officers and presented to the Chapter membership for their votes. The slate shall include all nominees who are willing to serve.  Electronic balloting is an acceptable method of polling, which shall be completed by the end of April.  
In the first election under this constitution (spring 2011) all officers will be elected, but the terms of the President and Secretary shall be for one year.  In the following year persons will be elected to these two positions for regular two year terms and a normal cycle of staggered elections will ensue.   
President  The duties of the President shall include carrying out the policies of the Chapter, appointing all committees of the Chapter, exercising a general supervision over the activities of the Chapter, and presiding at meetings of the Chapter and Executive Committee . 
In case of the temporary, or extended absence of the president, the Vice-President shall serve in the President’s stead.  The President shall be a non-voting member ex officio of all committees but shall not be counted in determining a quorum in these committees. 
Vice-President  The duties of the Vice-President shall include those noted above as well as those delegated by the President. 
Secretary  The duties of the Secretary shall include keeping a record of all proceedings and correspondence of the Chapter, communicating with the Chapter members, certifying chapter delegates to national AAUP meetings, and maintaining official contact with the national AAUP.  The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining basic Chapter documents and transmitting these in good order to his or her successor. 
Treasurer  The Treasurer shall receive the dues of the members, have signature authority on the Chapter’s bank accounts, keep an accurate record of all money received and of all disbursements, and report on finances to the Chapter’s Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall also maintain a current membership list for the Chapter and each fall shall request from the national AAUP office a list of ISU faculty and administrators who are recognized as current members in the national AAUP.     
Officers-at-Large  The Officers-at-Large are part of the Chapter's Executive Committee, and will attend the meetings thereof, and hold the same responsibilities as other Executive Committee members per Article VI of this constitution. 
Article VI:  Vacancies on the Executive Committee 
Reasons for vacancies  When an officer has resigned or been recalled or is no longer able to discharge functions of the office, the position shall be declared vacant by the Executive Committee.  
Filling vacancies  Vacancies shall be filled through appointment by the remaining Executive Committee.  Persons so appointed shall hold office until the next regularly scheduled election of officers. 
Resignation  Officers resign by delivering to the Executive Committee a written statement of resignation.  After the remaining officers have witnessed the statement, they shall declare the office vacant.  
Recall  All members of the Executive Committee are subject to recall. 

A. Members can request a recall election either at a chapter meeting or by petition.  The Executive Committee shall hold a recall election within thirty days if either two-thirds of the members at a chapter meeting vote in favor of a recall, or if a petition requesting a recall is signed by thirty percent of the Chapter membership and presented to the Executive Committee by a member.  The officer subject to recall shall play no role in conducting this election.

B. Upon two-thirds vote of the Chapter members casting ballots in favor of a recall, the officer shall vacate his or her seat on the Executive Committee.

Other Conditions  Should circumstances arise where there is but one remaining officer, that officer shall assume responsibility for the leadership of the Chapter.  The officer shall recruit a temporary committee to identify a slate of candidates to fill vacancies on the Executive Committee to be voted on at the next meeting of the Chapter or at a special meeting of the Chapter. 
Temporary Absence  Absence for a period as long as one semester within the term of office is not a disqualification, and officers who have been absent for such period resume their duties when they return. 
Article VII:  The Executive Committee’s Organization and Function 
The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the Chapter and the immediate past president.  It shall be the governing body of the Chapter in service to the membership within the limits of the Constitution. 
The Executive Committee shall assume responsibility for the Chapter’s continuing effective presence at ISU, filling all positions on the Executive Committee as vacancies occur.  Duties of the Executive Committee include: 
1. Conduct elections each spring for offices to be vacated the following September.
2. Meet at least once in each semester of the academic year with a partially open agenda to enable the Chapter to respond to any ISU faculty member, graduate student, or administrator seeking assistance.
3. Conduct the business of the Chapter between Chapter meetings.
4. Make necessary appointments to maintain a full Executive Committee.
5. Set the agenda for Chapter meetings.
6. Consult regularly with the University administration on matters of the Chapter’s interest.
7. Respond to inquiries from the news media.
8. Supervise the preparation and distribution of a newsletter (if one is desired) to inform members and other faculty of recent activities, and to present information and views of local, state, or national importance.
Committees  The Executive Committee may create special committees from time to time as they are deemed necessary.  The members and chairs of these committees shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee. 
Article VIII:  Chapter Meetings 
The Chapter shall hold at least one meeting each academic year. 
Chapter meetings may be called by the President or by a majority of the Executive Committee.  The Secretary shall provide written or electronic notice to all members well in advance of the date selected.  The President shall call meeting of the Chapter within seven days when directed by the Executive Committee or by petition signed by twenty (20) percent of the members of the Chapter. 
The quorum required for transaction of business at all meetings of the Chapter shall consist of twenty (20) percent of current members of the Chapter.  At the discretion of the Executive Committee, items of business may also be decided by ballot or electronic voting. 
Article IX:  Amendments to the Constitution 
This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the current membership of the Chapter responding to a written or electronic ballot.  A notice setting forth the proposed amendment or amendments with supporting reasons and setting forth any known objections shall have been sent to each member at least thirty (30) days prior to the distribution of ballots.  A petition of twenty (20) percent of the chapter membership may also initiate amendments. 
Article X:  Parliamentary Procedure 
Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 10th edition shall be the authority for the Chapter in matters of parliamentary procedure that are not specifically addressed in this constitution.