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Board Orientation and Development

Orientation Program for New Trustees

Individuals who are appointed to serve on the Indiana State University Board of Trustees undergo a two-day orientation program designed to provide specific information on the role of the trustees as well as a broad overview of the University's organizational structure and operations. The orientation also provides an opportunity for new trustees to meet senior leadership of the University and learn more about the various units and Divisions of the University.

Sample schedule of Orientation Program

Trustee-in-Residence Program

Trustees are also given the opportunity to participate in a Trustee-in-Residence program highlighting various units across campus. Each half-day program will provide trustees with a deeper dive into the operations of Cunningham Memorial Library, and the University’s colleges and their programs. The program is designed so that over the course of a four-year term, each trustee will have an opportunity to participate in a one-on-one visit to each of the university’s five academic colleges (Bayh College of Education, Scott College of Business, College of Technology, College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Health and Human Services) along with the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, University College, Honors College and Cunningham Memorial Library. The specifics of the program will vary by college and are determined by each Dean. They may include a meeting with the Dean, a tour of facilities, meetings with faculty and/or students in key programs, sitting in on a class, etc. The schedule can be adjusted to meet the trustee’s availability but generally will encompass four to five hours, including lunch.

Board of Trustees Work Sessions

In conjunction with some of its meetings, the University administration provides information sessions, referred to as work sessions, to update the Board of Trustees on various items. The sessions are for receiving information only, and no votes are taken. Notice of these sessions is distributed to the public and the media along with notices of the agenda meetings and executive sessions. Work sessions or seminars are open to the public except in rare cases where there is an allowable exemption to the Open Door Law requirement per Indiana Code. 

Record of Work Session Topics

Conferences and Resources

  • H. Kent Weldon Conference for Higher Education – Each April, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education sponsors this conference for trustees, elected officials, business and community leaders, educators and students to discuss ideas that impact higher education and workforce development within the State. Information on the most recent Weldon Conference can be found at:
  • Indiana State University belongs to the Association of Governing Boards which hosts a variety of conferences, webinars and events for trustees, board professionals and institutional leaders. The University also provides subscriptions to AGB’s Trusteeship Magazine and the Chronicle for Higher Education to trustees.