Campus Health and Safety

Indiana State University seeks to maintain a safe and healthy environment for its students, employees, and visitors. The University maintains a 24-hour public safety operation located at 210 North 6th Street between Erickson and Pickerl Halls. The University Police Department has 25 full-time police officers. University police officers employed by ISU exercise full police authority and enforce federal and state laws, as well as University policies. Officers also have arrest powers, on any property owned, leased, or used by Indiana State University. In addition, through a special agreement with the Vigo County Sheriff, officers exercise authority throughout Vigo County. The ISU University Police Department maintains a strong working relationship with other university police agencies and local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

The University is also committed to promoting healthy living. The mission of the Student Health Promotion program is to create and promote a healthy college community at Indiana State University. This is done by encouraging students to identify the benefits of and need for healthy lifestyle choices, through promotion of comprehensive mind/body wellness, timely marketing and ongoing direct interaction with students, by supporting the development of a campus community that enables those choices. The University also offers drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs in addition to other wellness initiatives through the Student Health Promotion program.

Admitted students are required to submit documentation of specific immunizations before matriculating at the University. These immunizations are required for admission by the State of Indiana and Indiana State University. All students are given one semester to comply with the immunization requirements. Failure to comply with the immunization requirements will result in an immunization hold being placed on your account preventing you from registering for the next semester.

The information below is also provided to facilitate Indiana State University’s compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965.

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