Tent City

Tent City is set to open at 11 a.m. Saturday, October 21 at Memorial Stadium. Here is the application-pdf.png map.


Tent City will open at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 21, 2017.  All Tent City activity must conclude at the start of the 3rd quarter of the Indiana State football game.  Alumni, students, faculty, staff, guests and friends are encouraged to enter Memorial Stadium to cheer on the football team.  Tent City activities are not permitted to resume at any time during the second half of the football game.  Tent City activities may resume after the conclusion of the football game for two hours.  All tents and the area known as “Tent City” must be vacated two hours after the game has concluded.

All organizations, companies, community participants, alumni, students, faculty, or staff must have a reservation on file with the Alumni Assocation prior to October 1 to occupy a space in Tent City.  Organizations, companies, and individuals renting a tent and occupying space in the area known as Tent City will be responsible for abiding by the 2017 Tent City Policies.

Please read and understand all policies related to 2017 Tent City, Homecoming and the Alcohol Policy.  By completing, signing and submitting the required forms, individuals, organizations, and companies/corporations agree to abide by all policies related to Homecoming, Tent City and other applicable local, state and federal laws.  In addition, the representative submitting the form will inform all members, guests, etc. of his/her organization of Tent City, Homecoming and Alcohol Polices.  Failure to abide by Tent City policies will result in Tent City participation being terminated and denied in the future.

  • All tents must be ordered with Complete Outdoor and tent reservations must be received by 4:00 p.m. Eastern on October 6, 2017. Reservations received after this date will be charged a $25 late fee by the Alumni Association and are subject to late fees by Complete Outdoor.  For your convenience, the price list and contact information for the tent vendor the Alumni Association works with for Homecoming Tent City are below.  Please note that there are several events that will take place in the Terre Haute area the weekend of Homecoming that will also utilize tents.  We recommend you reserve your tent by September 22, 2017.

Reserve Your Tent in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Read and understand the 2017 Homecoming Tent City Policies and Overview
  2. Call Complete Outdoor at (812)299-1777 to order and pay for your tent. In addition, you are responsible for ordering tables and chairs.
  3. Fill out the 2017 Homecoming Tent Reservation form (This secures a location for your group in Tent City and inclusion on the map.  Submission of the form does not reserve a tent, please contact Complete Outdoor)

Please keep the following in mind:

No electricity will be available and amplified music is not allowed.

The placement of all tents will be coordinated by the Alumni Association with the tent vendor.  A detailed map of Tent City will be available no sooner than Thursday, October 19, 2017.

Due to the continued growth of trees and shrubs in the area known as Tent City, tent locations are not guaranteed as placement varies by tent size.

All organizations occupying space in the area known as Tent City must have a registration form on file with the ISU Alumni Association. Failure to do so will result in the organization being asked to vacate the area known as Tent City.

Indiana State University and the Alumni Association do not pay for or provide tents to any organization. It is each organization’s responsibility to order and pay for the tent and any other items needed.

The sale of products, food or beverages is prohibited except as authorized by the University.

Please complete the online tent form and submit by Friday, October 6, 2017.  Late registrations must be completed online and will be charged a $25 late fee by the ISU Alumni Association.  If you have questions regarding Tent City, please contact Amy Roman, Director of Special Events, at 812.237.9697 or amy.roman@indstate.edu.

Ticket Purchase Information for Non-University Groups

Organizations, companies, corporations, individuals, etc. not directly associated with Indiana State University will be required to purchase 25 tickets to the October 21, 2017 Homecoming Football game in order to reserve a space at Tent City.  Tickets must be purchased prior to tent being installed in the Tent City area.  The total cost for the tickets will be $175.00 (25 tickets, $7.00 per ticket).  Please contact the Hulman Center Ticket Office to purchase tickets at (812)237-3770.

Alcohol Policy

Please keep in mind that Indiana State Excise Police will be actively enforcing state alcohol laws at Tent City during Homecoming.  If you are planning to dispense alcohol at your tent whether you charge for it or not, you must have the applicable alcoholic beverage permit or have the event catered by a vendor licensed through the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission. Permit types vary based on the type of alcohol (beer and wine or mixed drinks) that you will be dispensing.  Applications and information regarding permits can be found at the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission website.  Alcohol for strictly personal use is allowed without a permit, HOWEVER – it is a violation of state law to sell or give that alcohol to others or to leave alcohol in an unattended location where anyone could have open access to it.

Anyone having questions regarding alcohol laws or enforcement should contact Indiana State Excise Police at (812)882-1292 or University Police Chief Joe Newport at (812)237-7829.

Go Sycamores!


Rex Kendall
Executive Director
Indiana State University Alumni Association