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Faculty Activity Database (FAD)


Login to the Portal, click on “MyISU Apps” and select the Faculty Activity Database. This will automatically log you into the software.


How to update your Public Web Profile in FAD:


Course Rating Reports (i.e. Student Evaluations) in FAD:

There are 2 places where the course evaluations may be located in FAD now. If you personally have to or want to upload your course evaluations, you will upload the file to where it says Student Evaluation.  The system auto-upload puts the file further down the screen where it says Evaluation File. 

If you have changed the course code in Canvas of your course from a code of PREFIXCOURSENUMBER-SECTIONNUMBERTERM (e.g. CIMT899-301Fall2022) to something else, the auto upload will not work and you will need to manually upload your reports.

There is no need to upload them both places; however, because you can download different types of reports, you could upload a different report if you wanted. 

The standard report is also just one of many report options you can upload. If you choose to have a different one, you will need to delete the one uploaded and upload a different one.  


Faculty, Chairs, and Deans can also generate a number of different reports and build their own. Here are some resources to help with reports:

Report Builder

Standard Reports

Report Results

Report Building


Additional CES resources: 

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   Faculty Performance Evaluation approved document

FPE (all tenured faculty, senior instructors, and 6+ year instructors)

 FPE workflow for Chairs

  Year 1 tenure-track and <6 year instructors

 Year 2 tenure-track and <6 year instructors

 Year 3 tenure-track and <6 year instructors

 Years 4 and 5 tenure-track and <6 year instructors

  Year 6 - Review for Promotion & Tenure faculty, and Senior instructors