Faculty Activity Database

Schedule Teaching table in Biennial Review - the number of pages generated for Schedule Teaching DO NOT COUNT towards your total number of pages limit. 

This report shall not exceed three (3) pages (min. 10 pt. font) exclusive of their teaching and advising data collected in the Faculty Activities Database. Faculty must submit evidence of their teaching effectiveness as attachments, which, effective Fall 2015, must include the University-wide student course evaluations for any semesters in which the faculty member is teaching courses. Other attachments providing support of effectiveness in other domains may be included, but only domains in which the faculty member has an assignment shall be considered relevant. A maximum of 6 pages of attachments may be submitted in total. When the faculty member has an administrative assignment, the written evaluation by the faculty member’s supervisor shall not count against this limit. 


Co-authoring among ISU co-authors: decide which author will input the entry; suggestion: primary author. All authors will see entry in their own FADs; only entry author can edit.


50MB limit for Store File fields

ANNUAL COMMITTEE START/END DATES: : For consistency, suggest start month is August; End month is May but Colleges/Departments can establish their own consistent guide. At least make sure everyone on committee posts same months. Faculty Senate: Start month is August; End Month is July.


First-time users: Login to the Portal, click on “MyISU Apps” and select the Faculty Activity Database badge (shown on right). This will automatically log you into the software.

Non-Faculty: Only faculty will be able to see the badge in MyISU Portal. All administrative accounts (non-faculty): access the FAD via the direct url login. If you need administrative access (primarily academic department administrative assistants or others as designated by department chair or Dean), have your administrator contact the Susan Powers in Academic Affairs with your [in this order: Last Name, First Name, ISU Email, Address, Department name, College name, Portal ID & 991 Number].

Arrangements for college-specific workshops or individual briefings can be made by contacting your College Associate Dean FAD-point person. 


It is crucial for faculty and deans to keep activities in FAD so that up-to-date reports can be generated throughout the semester on an as-needed basis. Academic Affairs will send emails throughout the year, suggesting activities to enter into FAD. The emails will be strategically scheduled for when common activities take place or when data is loaded into the system. Associate Deans will also be emailed reminding them of any upcoming reports that will need to be generated via FAD.

Take a look at the schedule below to help prioritize your data entry.

Suggested FAD Categories to Update or Check (pdf)