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Faculty Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2024 TBD
2023 James Gustafson, Associate Professor, Department of History
2022 No award issued
2021 Carrie Ball, Professor, Department of Applied Clinical and Educational Sciences
Mary Howard-Hamilton, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership
2020 Ryan Donlan, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership
Melissa Nail, Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning
2019 Elizabeth "Liz" Brown, Professor, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
2018 Lindsey Eberman, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sister Alma Mary Anderson (SAMy), Professor, Department of Art and Design
Rusty Gonser, Professor, Department of Biology

2016 Richard Lotspeich, Professor, Department of Communication
2015 Darlene M. Hantzis, Professor, Department of Communication
2014 Nathan A. Schaumleffel, Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport
2013 Randell W. Peters, Associate Professor of Applied Engineering and Technology Management
N. Ann Rider, Associate Professor of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
2012 Christine MacDonald, Professor of Educational and School Psychology
2011 Julia M. Fine, Associate Professor of Advanced Practice Nursing
Robert C. Guell, Professor of Economics
2010 John Conant, Professor of Economics
David J. Malooley, Associate Professor of Computer and Mechanical Engineering Technology
2009 Debra A. Worley, Professor of Communication
2008 Darlene Hantzis, Professor of Communication
Steve Lamb, Professor of Operations Management & Analysis
2007 Blanche Evans, Professor of Physical Education
Linda S. Maule, Professor of Political Science
2006 Veanne N. Anderson, Professor of Psychology
Angelo J. Di Salvo, Professor of Foreign Languages
2005 Betsy Frank, Professor of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Nursing
2004 Margaret L. Engelbach, Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences
Douglas J. Herrmann, Chairperson and Professor of Psychology
2003 David A. Gilman, Professor of Education
David A. Prentice, Professor of Life Sciences
2002 D. Gene England, Professor of English
Edward A. Warner, Professor of Humanities
2001 Michael J. Murphy, Professor of Psychology
Jeffrey L. Schrink, Professor of Criminology
1998 Robert G. Clouse, Professor of History
Karen C. Liu, Professor of Early Childhood Education
1999 Harold Cox, Professor of Sociology
C. Sue Davis, Professor of Communication
1998 John E. Carter, Professor of Education
Robert M. Levy, Professor of Psychology
1995 André Hammonds, Professor of Sociology
Thomas Sawyer, Professor of Recreation and Sport Management
1994 Liam Grimley, Professor of Educational and School Psychology
Frederica L. Kramer, Chairperson and Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences