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Hiring and Pay Procedures

Hiring Procedures

Separation & Retirement

Compensation & Pay

Academic Year Payment Option Form -  Faculty on academic year appointments have the option of receiving their salary paid in 10 payments (September 1 through June 1) or 12 payments (September 1 through August 1) each year.  Employees eligible for the 12 pay option may complete this form, print and return it to the Payroll Office for processing.

Change of Status Authorization for Faculty and Exempt Staff

Per Policy Library 505.9 and board action on July 16, 2004, the overload teaching pay rate for regular faculty is $1,000 per credit hour.

505.9 Overload Teaching

505.9.1 Pre-established Overload Teaching Pay Rate. In emergency situations, full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members may agree to teach a course or a section of a course in addition to the regular teaching schedule. Pay for such extra teaching responsibility is based upon an established overload teaching pay rate approved by the ISU Board of Trustees and available from the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

505.9.2 Appropriate Authorization Required for Additional Compensation. Fiscal year faculty members or exempt staff may not receive additional compensation for teaching classes, research or other contract purposes without prior authorization by the appropriate vice president’s office. Click here to access Fiscal Employee Approval Form.

Fiscal Employee Approval Form Guidelines


  1. This form is to be used for a single payment to an employee of Indiana State University. Consultants, contractors or service providers are to be paid through the Office of the Controller via an Indiana State University check request. For assistance in determining if an individual is an employee or a consultant/ independent contractor, contact the Office of the Controller at extension 3525.
  2. A copy of the Drug-Free Workplace Act can be obtained from the Human Resources Office or viewed at
  3. For the purpose of this form, a new employee is considered to be someone who HAS NOT worked for the University during the past 12 months. Prior to or on the first day of employment, a new employee must go to the Human Resources Office and the Payroll Office with the proper identification to complete the following forms:
    1. I-9 Immigration Form
    2. Drug-Free Form
    3. Employee Information Form
    4. Computer User Form
    5. Tax Withholding Forms
    6. Direct Deposit Authorization
  4. Fiscal year contract faculty or executive/administrative/professional staff may not receive additional compensation without prior authorization by the appropriate vice president's office using the Fiscal Employee Approval Form. The Fiscal Employee Approval Form may be obtained at


  1. Human Resources - I-9 completion for new employees
  2. Supervisor (typically directed the work or activity) - approval signature
  3. Administrator (typically Dean, Department Chair, Director) - approval signature
  4. Vice President - review
  5. ISU Foundation - approval signature (required only when requesting reimbursement from Foundation)
  6. Office of the Controller (Finance or Grants & Contracts) - index/fund verification
  7. Human Resources
  8. Payroll - payment

One Time Pay Authorizations are processed on a continuing basis in the Payroll Office, and are paid twice monthly on a date following the completion of the activity. Payment occurs on either the regular Monthly Payroll on the 1st of the month or on the Supplemental Payroll. The pay dates for the Supplemental Payroll occur on the 15th of each month during the academic year, and occur according to the Summer Sessions calendar during the summer. Direct deposits are processed and pay stubs are released to employee in the same manneras regular pays.

Summer Instructional Pay Authorization Form              

505.12 Summer Sessions

505.12.1 Summer Term Salaries Based on Teaching Load. Summer term salaries are based on the number of credit hours (or equivalent) taught.

505.12.2 Summer Term Rate of Pay. The rate of payment is 2, 2.5, or 3 per cent of the previous academic year base appointment salary for each semester hour of instruction (or equivalent) based on University enrollment guidelines:

a. Undergraduate Courses: (5-9 students = 2%, 10-19 students = 2.5%, and 20+ students = 3%),

b. Graduate Courses: (4-7 students = 2%, 8-15 = 2.5%, and 16+ students = 3%)

c. Faculty teaching arranged/independent study sections will be paid a flat stipend per student. Rate shall be $300 - $500 per student based on a three-semester hour independent study course or equivalent.

505.12.3 Enrollment Guidelines Must Be Met. Summer session courses are subject to meeting minimum enrollment guidelines of the University (5 for undergraduate courses and 4 for graduate courses). If a course does not meet the minimum enrollment guidelines, the department chair may offer a faculty member the opportunity to teach at the course utilizing the arranged/independent study model presented in Section 505.12.2.

505.12.3.1 Undergraduate course sections with enrollments of 40 or less may not be divided into multiple sections for the purpose of employing more faculty to teach. Sections with enrollment greater than 40 may be considered for division into smaller enrolled sections.

505.12.4 Summer Term Teaching Assignments. Department chairs are responsible for scheduling department courses and for appointing faculty to teaching assignments.

505.12.5 Timing of Pay. Summer session faculty receive compensation following completion of the teaching assignment.

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