Academic Integrity

Policies, Procedures, and Resources for Faculty and Students

Academic integrity is a cornerstone of the University's commitment to the principles of free inquiry. Students are responsible for learning and upholding ethical, professional standards in research, writing, assessment. Faculty must clearly outline expectations for ethical behavior with students & provide supportive measures. Academic departments and colleges should uniformly follow current guidelines and procedures, from reporting & documenting violations up to and including due process. At the request of the University, and in collaboration with other areas, the Indiana State University Library has created this web site to provide a resource clearinghouse for both students and educators.** Teaching faculty and others are urged to contribute materials and links to this site.

Why Academic Integrity @ ISU?
  • Actively combat disturbing national & international trends - from a national survey in 2005:

    • 70% of students surveyed admit to some form of cheating (most campuses)
    • Approximately 25% of students admit cheating on tests
    • Nearly 77% acknowledged, internet plagiarism is a growing problem but do not consider it a serious concern
  • Prevent loss of students via expulsion for academic integrity violation
  • Improve and emphasize ethical standards that extend into the workplace after graduation
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